Important Questions

Does screwing a vampire count as necrophilia? Necrophilia simply means sexual intercourse with the deceased, but is it a prerequisite that the deceased must be inanimate? Also if a dead person, animate or not, has sex with a live person do they call it “aliveophilia?” And is it as much of a social taboo for them as necrophilia is for us?

Lets face it. With franchises like Twilight or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the undead are on the rise in this country. And they’re beginning to appeal to a wider range of audiences. And among these audiences can be found more and more people of intellect and critical thought (well, maybe not in the Twilight fanbase). Which means that in depth questions like these will soon become standard on the checklist of starting a new medium of vampire fiction.

These are also among the many questions that come to mind for me late at night when brainstorming for a new story I likely will never write, simply because I want the excuse to ask questions that will make everyone uncomfortable.

Thank you for not believing.


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