Sleep Is Overrated

I must be slipping in my old age. Time was I could stay awake for thirty six hours straight and not feel it, but now I try and simply stay awake at 6 in the morning to write a few paragraphs and all I can think about is wanting to sleep.

Also I question the quality of the writing, but there’s a time, a place, and a mindset for editing; and it’s usually not 6 AM, lying on the couch, drinking absinthe. Whatever the quality of the writing turns out to be will be touch-and-go, it could be anything, but that’s why we edit in the first place, or rather second place. Things are never perfect the first time around.

Thank you for not believing.


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I was grown from mushroom spores.

One thought on “Sleep Is Overrated”

  1. Well, I wrote a cleaver reply. AND, I had had a really good nights sleep. But alas, some funky thing occurred, where I was logged in with my X gmail account, but that wasn’t my Y gmail WordPress account, and the whole entry flew away. So perhaps. sleep IS overrated.


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