… in the most obscure literary journal in the country, BUT STILL.

First day of fiction writing class, Michael our teacher looks at me and says “Congratulations on your poetry.” I have no clue what he’s talking about. “Oh, one of your poems got accepted to Plains Paradox” (Front Range’s student journal). As usual, I stoically did nothing, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I’M NOT EXCITED, AS EVIDENCED BY MY USE OF LARGE CAPITAL LETTERS.

I’ve been banned by the blog police from posting anything here that I’ll publish, so here’s the drawing that went in tandem with the poem. The text of the poem is written into the lines of the drawing. HAH! LOOPHOLES!Entropy Bonus points to anyone who can read this, more bonus points to anyone who has the slightest clue as to where it starts and ends.


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I was grown from mushroom spores.

2 thoughts on “I’M GETTING PUBLISHED…”

  1. It goes blurry on my screen when I try to zoom in to read the text, so you’re safe from the blog police 😊 But that picture in itself as a work of art!! Really eye-catching and so intricate. The wooden part of the boat is the best. Looks so 3D and awesome!


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