Stop Promoting Fifty Shades Of Grey!

And now for my own round of promoting a story with no artistic or literary value:

For the record, I wasn’t even remotely interested in reading or seeing Fifty Shades Of Grey until everyone started bitching about it on faceboob. All I had heard was that Salmon Rushdie said that it was the worst written prose that had ever been published and it made Twilight look like War and Peace, and I said “Say no more, that’s all I need to know.”

People like to complain. And I’m not criticizing; I love to complain about things. But when lots of different people complain about the same thing over and over again, it just makes me curious. Curious about what it is that has everyone so wound up. And why is it that no one can stop talking about a movie they claim to hate even though they probably will never see it, instead of talking about a movie being released that’s, I don’t know, GOOD??

All this makes me think of the commercial during the super bowl that I can’t get enough of: Budweiser tries to take a shot at the craft beer industry, which inadvertently gives craft beer the type of promotion they never could’ve gotten on their own.

From what I can tell, apart from glorifying sexually abusive relationships, the main characteristic of Fifty Shades is that THE STORY SUCKS! I have not heard a single review that said it was well written, had any artistic quality, or was worth the publicity it has gotten. It should never have been published or filmed, but with all the publicity surrounding it came the opportunity for large amounts of money making. And by publicity, yes, I mean everyone complaining about it.

In conclusion; I have a piece of advise for people who don’t want Fifty Shades Of Grey to receive the publicity it doesn’t deserve. DON’T TALK ABOUT IT!

Thank you for not believing.


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