Rule-Breaking, Round 2: Full Moon Fever (I swear I named this poem before I knew Tom Petty had an album with the same name)

Full Moon Fever

The full moon is a glowing wheel of swiss cheese

that shines on the starlight night

like the great flashlight in the sky.

The full moon is an optical dose

of acid, peyote, mushrooms

and angel dust;

that seeps it’s way through the cracks of the world,

and enters the sanity of all she finds,

and she finds all.

The full moon is a bacchanal of madness

and crazed lunacy,

a time to don the mad-cap

and go bonkers as a mealworm burrowing

in a wheel of cheese.

The full moon is a mirror.

She shows us the best of us,

which we never would reveal

to all our friends in a crowded room.

She shows us our darkness inside,

which we never would acknowledge

while cocooned within our bedsheets,

Alone in our head, in the dead glow

of a new moon.

The full moon reflects us;

The cream of who we truly are,

illuminating it for all nearby to see.


O sun. O fiery clementine of day;

roast me in this leathery shell

and send me fleeing, screaming

for the shelter of a dark and cool, starry

moonlit night.


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I was grown from mushroom spores.

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